Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thelma and Louise - NO Labor Today FINALE!

Poor Louise had a bad week that ended, thankfully, with a 3-day Labor Day Weekend.  Part 1 took Thelma and Louise to St. Julian Winery in Michigan after our beach road trip was ditched 'cuz too many other people had the same idea (to many crowds and clouds).  Then, during Part Deux, we hung out at Shady Creek Winery in Indiana, a down-home type of property that was decorated with the stuff that made us go, "OOOH" and "AHHH".  In our FINALEThelma had a surprise for Louise to end the day that she hoped would be the cherry on top of Louise's NO Labor Day Road Trip.

The view as you walk toward Central Beach
Michigan City, Indiana
When Thelma got behind the wheel, she made a change to the planned route without telling her partner-in-crime. Louise, usually looking at her Twitter or Facebook in the car, was actually paying attention to where we were going and began to ask questions. "Uh, Thelma, weren't you gonna turn back there?"  (Since she knows Thelma's pet-peeve of getting lost, Louise was ready for Thelma to start her stream of cussing and fussing!) Instead, Thelma said, "you just cool your jets, Louise! You'll see where we're headed.")  A turn of Louise's head to the right helped her see that the lake was so close she could almost feel the breeze. Yep, Thelma and Louise finally reached the real destination of the day! We whipped into the parking lot for Central Beach in Michigan City, Indiana which is a favorite location for hanging out at the swimming hole called Lake Michigan.

It was late in the day. But the beach was still filled
with folks enjoying the day.
Louise's smile got bigger, her eyes lit up, and she was filled with more happiness that the wine had given her all day.  We grabbed a blanket from the back of the SUV and a few snacks from our picnic that we had packed. There's nothing much better than kicking off our shoes and putting our tootsies in that warm, soft sand! A stroll down the beach to find a vacant spot was just the ticket to further relax Louise. The sun was as warm as a potbelly stove on a cold night, people were romping on the beach, and the waves were lapping that lakeshore like a thirsty hounddog.

We put down our blanket and laid back to listen to the soft, soothing sound of the waves while the sun shone on our weary faces.  Nope, you ain't seen Thelma and Louise smile like we do at the beach! It wasn't long before we both dozed off (all those wine samples surely helped that along!). That was until Thelma was visited by a Labrador who wanted to say hello.  Since we were woke up by a critter, we decided to take a stroll down the beach.

We walked until we couldn't walk no more.  Those jiggedy-jaggedy rocks were more than Thelma and Louise could handle, and we couldn't get around them without going in the water (we had changed out of our bathing-beauty outfits when we thought the plans to visit the beach had been canned). Usually nothing stops us from adventure, but those rocks sure did! We decided it was the perfect spot to sit and watch the sunset to end our day.

Thelma and Louise, like the sun, ended a beautiful day. Now there may be some more things we could say.  But we think the pictures we took say things a whole lot better.