Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thelma and Louise Get Turned "Inside Out" in Gilman, Illinois

The destination to one of the latest and greatest Thelma and Louise Road Trips was Inside Out – a home and garden experience in Gilman, Illinois. Now you may say, "Hell's bells! Where the heck is GILMAN?!" And when you find out it is about 90 miles south of Chicago, you might even say, "Why in tarnation would I want to drive down there?!"

Okay. It is a ways down south, but not that far and is an easy-peasy drive down I-57 South. As Thelma's Grandma Anna Mae might say, "It's a piece, but not a far piece!" From the gals little place in the village to Inside Out was only about 40 minutes which was an easier and closer drive for many folks than the hoity-toity Magnificent Mile in Chicago! Less traffic and lots more fun!

The night Thelma and Louise went for the first time was a monthly event they throw called, "High Heels and Eyelashes, Moustaches Too!" Now if that don't sound like a reason for a Thelma and Louise Road Trip! So, they jumped into the Laguna Blue SUV and pointed the nose of it south. Louise said, "Hit it, Thelma!", and off they went.

They took the Gilman exit, made three left turns and arrived in front of the nicest goll-darn place you could imagine! Who-da-thunk it? Louise barely let Thelma stop the car a'fore she jumped out and had to start checking out the decorations and looking in those big storefront windows. (Thelma thought they were lucky those folks didn't ask ‘em to leave right there and then! 'Cept Louise is pretty harmless lookin'.)

Inside Out is the place for you if you like shopping for baubles, bangles, and all things girly-girly for you or your home. Now add to the idea of shopping with the excuse to drink some of the best dawggone Illinois wines this state has to offer! If you're Thelma and Louise, you may think you've died and gone to hog heaven!

If you've read these travelin’ girls’ blogs before (and why wouldn't you??) you’d know Thelma is more than a little partial to all things shiny. The first thing she noticed, of course, was the tin ceiling and the blingy things perched on the shelves. A pretty young lady named Heather came over to welcome the ladies, just like they were family! Now that's a real nice touch for folks who are brand new to a place...right nice and neighborly. 

She pointed the parched gals to the tasting counters and told ‘em to feel free to get some wine and wander around for a good look-see of things on both floors (yep, there was lots more to see upstairs!)  She also pointed out the owner of the shop, Paula Warmbir, who had a smile and laugh as big and wide as the sky with a personality to take it up to the heavens. 

The tastings that night were from Blue Sky Vineyard, Prairie State Winery, and August Hill Winery. Brickstone Brewery of Bourbonnais also had some tastings going on for those who prefer beer. It wasn't long before these adventurous gals found their wine for the night. Louise chose Rocky Comfort Red and Thelma chose Chambourcin Blush; both wines are Blue Sky Vineyard's from Makanda, Illinois.

Out on the patio, Thelma and Louise felt like there were down home with the kinfolk. There were porch swings under the pretty trellises and pretty pots filled with summer flowers. Tall tables with stools were filled with some of the friendliest people you could imagine from all around the county, and then some. Heck, one fella was even visitin' from Californee-I-A, for pete's sake! But everyone was tellin' their stories of their day or their week and how this evening was just what they needed to chillax a while.

The gals could hardly contain themselves when they saw they had someone pickin' a gee-tar with another fella ticklin' the ivory keys. They were takin' requests, and Louise had a few to make! "Moon River" and "Smile" were among some of her favorites! Those nice fellas were happy to oblige, too.

The music was just right for settin' a fun mood, the wine was flowin', and the folks were chattin' away. Thelma and Louise were in the thick of things, of course! The time flew by so dadburned fast that night. By golly, it seemed like they just got there when the workin' folks said the festivities were comin' to an end.

For something to get the official “Thelma and Louise Stamp of Approval”, it has to fit their thinkin' for meetin' people: "A stranger is just a friend we haven't met yet". By the time the night was over, those road-trippin' gals had made plenty of new friends, had tried some new wines, and decided they had found a new place to visit over and over again. 

Thelma and Louise loved that place so much and stopped to tell the owner Paula so on their way out. Paula invited them back, don'cha know, and gave the gals a "Schedule of Events" to make sure they knew when to come on back to sit apiece!  Inside Out place is now Thelma and Louise approved. And guess what? Thelma and Louise Road Trip "Inside Out" Number Two was put on the calendar for November 1, 2, and 3 - "Get Your Merry On!" Wait till you find out what they did on that next visit!!