Monday, December 23, 2013

"Will the REAL Santa Claus Stand Up?" by Harold L. Rapier

The following is a story written by "Thelma's" dear old dad, Harold Lester Rapier (1926-1999).

Harold L. Rapier
As the proud father of ten (yes, TEN!) children, he truly understood and appreciated the hard work that went into the delivery of beautiful Christmas Memories in his household year after year. This article was written in 1980 to honor his first wife, Mary Caroline Link Rapier (1929-1981). He was blessed again when he found a wonderfully loving wife and mother for his brood in 1983 when he met Nancy Eileen Potts Rapier, and he pulled the article out a second time to honor her, as well:

"While watching my beloved wife being transformed from a lovely bride to a loving mother to a lovable grandmother as she went about doing her thing year after year and Christmas after Christmas, I became increasingly suspicious as to the true gender of Santa Claus. Now, after extensive observation, investigation and contemplation, I believe I can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Jolly Ole Saint Nick is a Grandmother in disguise.

First, who is it - as soon as Christmas is past - begins all over again going on countless sprees, taking in every sale and coming home with hoards of purchases, only to have them mysteriously disappear and never be seen again until Christmas Eve?

Second, who is it in every household that heralds in the new Christmas season by going about in a state of euphoria, tirelessly filling every room with the sights and sounds and smells that are common to this holiday season, until it ignites the Christmas spirit in every member of the household?

Mary Caroline Link Rapier

Third, Santa is commonly described as being small, round, warm and jolly. Now tell me, how many fathers and grandfathers do you know who can fit that description? However, it is my contention that if you were to dress the typical Grandmother in a Santa costume - with padding, whiskers and all - you would produce a storybook facsimile of Jolly Ole Saint Nick every time!

Furthermore, even though I have no tangible proof, I nevertheless believe that the Mothers and Grandmothers purposely contrived this Christmas Myth to mask their own selfless and undying love for Children; and to set a shining example for we fathers and grandfathers, in hopes that we will endeavor to imitate it in the coming years.

Nancy Eileen Potts Rapier
Now if this be so, then we all owe a deep debt of gratitude to that special woman in our lives who, every year, shares her joyful love with us manifested in the image of Santa Claus, to make our homes a blessed and happy place each and every Christmas!

In conclusion, I pray that God has reserved a special place in His Kingdom for His Missionaries of peace and love - our Brides, our Mothers and Grandmothers.

Merry Christmas,

Harold L. Rapier

Although it's been said many times, many ways, Merry Christmas to you and yours. May you cherish the love of those who hold you and yours in their hearts. And may God bless you in the coming New Year...God bless us, every one!