Monday, January 27, 2014

Whine of the Week (January 26-February 1, 2014)

Thelma made a call to a hotel to get fixed up with a room for a planned road trip with Louise. Everything was going right-as-rain. The lady on the other end of the phone was right neighborly makin’ sure Thelma and Louise got the best dadburned rate the hotel had to offer! They finished up the call, and the lady said she was puttin’ Thelma through to some other feller. Thelma just reckoned it was a ‘customer service’ type call.

Next thing Thelma knew, that feller was fast-talkin’ her! That no-good-son-of-a-salesman was givin’ a pitch like his life depended on it. He offered a four-night stay for the price of two…Thelma said nope. Then he changed his mind – now Thelma don’t have to pay nuthin’! That-there trip was free as long as Thelma gave him her plastic - the ol’ credit card - upfront! “Don’t you wanna surprise Louise with a special, paid-for, trip?” That company would take her money and keep it until she used the trip…good for up to a whole gol-darned year! Yep, he told her that she had to pay for the trip right then and there, she’d get the money back afterward.

What in tarnation?! That feller musta thought our Thelma fell off the turnip truck just yesterday! He wouldn’t take “no” for an answer! Finally, after trying to be polite-like to that snake-oil salesman, Thelma just said, “I said NO. I’m hangin’ up now”. And that she did, don'cha know!