Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentine's Day Road Trippin'

These are downright purty!
Thelma and Louise are so tired of this weather since it started in December and hasn't really stopped. Heck, they can't remember the last time they saw their hacienda driveway or the yard not covered in that white stuff. Whine, whine, whine. Ho-hum! Seriously, even in the Midwest where Thelma and Louise live and should be 'used to' this type of weather, it's gone beyond ridiculous. Instead of lettin’ out a whine about the weather, the gals thought they'd try to find the old proverbial silver lining in their sky filled with endless snow!

And - dadgummit - it was Valentine's Day! Gotta love that, right? And it was a nice one for Thelma and Louise. After the workday was over, our gals decided to go out and celebrate the end of the week and the day all about love!

Their first stop was at a kinda new place in Bourbonnais. "Koi Asian Bistro" has sushi, sashimi, hibachi dishes, and lots of yummy stuff! The place always seems bustlin', but the staff was hustlin' to keep people happy! Thelma and Louise only had to wait a few minutes for a table, even though that Valentine crowd was filin' in pretty darn quick. The gals had a big platter of the Valentine's Special Rolls, as well as one of their tried-and-true rolls. (

Hearts, flowers, and WINE!
With their tummies full and happy, the gals were ready for some wine. So, they went a-callin' at a wine bar to visit some old friends. The gals were greeted by Tony Lampley and given a red rose and a 'kiss'. Tony owns "Off the Vine" with his wife, Debbie. They are some of the nicest folks you could meet; our gals blogged about this place a while ago. Debbie and Tony had a special Valentine Menu goin' on, too; a bottle of wine of your choice with some sweet dessert of chocolate-covered strawberries or yummy cheesecake. Thelma and Louise decided their bellies were too full of sushi and passed on dessert. But wine was a-flowin' cuz there's always room for wine! And "Off the Vine" in Momence only serves Illinois Wines! (They also have a flower shop!

Mick Porter of Momence
The piece de resistance (oooh, you know how Louise likes that French stuff!) was listening to a talented fella named Mick Porter, who also happens to be the Mayor of that town of Momence. Ya know how Thelma and Louise love meeting important folks...and that Mick Porter was one of the nicest fellas ever - and has the voice of a songbird! He had our gals tappin' their toes and dancin' in their seats! He sang some love songs, old songs, and a couple of new ones, too! His story-tellin' in between songs made Thelma and Louise laugh, a lot!

When the gals got home, they popped open their bottle of Lavender Crest Chocolate Love Wine that they'd been saving for this day (! Yep, Thelma and Louise loved their Valentine's Day Road Trip. Good food, good wine, and good friends make for a fun celebration!