Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"WHINE of the Week" (February 16, 2014)

Thelma and Louise, as y’all know, have had more than enough of this ridiculous winter weather! Their hopes were gettin’ a little higher when the weatherman said there’d be a day or two above freezin' in the next few days, even though another storm came through yesterday with eight more inches of snow. 
Is it ever gonna stop??

The gals have been countin' down the days until they took a road trip to visit with one of their favorite people. They were plannin’ to meet up at a ladies retreat in June at a beachfront resort in Sanibel Island, Florida – one of the best places Thelma and Louise have ever visited!! Sunshine, seashells, the beach, and Sanibel Tropical Wines...what more could our gals want?!

Some of Thelma and Louise's treasures from
Sanibel Island, June 2013
Thelma and Louise were needin’ to make a payment for the retreat. So Louise called up and gave ‘em her bank card number and information. Easy-peasy, and a payment was made – right? NO!! Louise got a text message on her mobile device tellin’ her the bank thought she was being scammed by someone in Florida. Louise texted back that she gave those folks the go-ahead. So our gals thought everything was okey-dokey-peachy-keen.

A few days later, Thelma and Louise got a call from those folks in Florida sayin' that the bank card didn’t go through the system. Dadburnit all!! Thelma was about to start a-yellin’ cuz they were so goldarn embarrassed. Louise calmed her down by tellin’ her she was callin’ the bank again. Once again, Louise told ‘em that she was gonna call those Florida folks. Louise was makin’ a payment with her card. And she wanted the bank to not stand in the way of a road trip with Thelma!!

These are supposed to be
easy to use, right??
Louise called the people in Florida again since those bank folks said everything was good! No siree, there’d be no problem cuz Louise was given the greenlight by the bank to make that payment! She was feelin’ mighty good about herself and knew that all would be hunky-dory! It darn-tootin’ better be!!

Then Thelma and Louise’s friend messaged the gals to tell ‘em the card didn’t go through – AGAIN!!! The gals are wonderin’ if the bank is just bein’ ridiculous, or if the gods are tryin’ to tell the gals that this isn’t the road trip for them. It’s more than enough to make this weather seem even worse! Where's the wine?