Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WINE of the Week - February 2, 2014

Thelma and Louise were gettin’ pretty sick and tired of the winter weather in their neck of the woods. Yep, the snow was up to places nice folks don’t talk about in public, if you know what we mean! To help make the chill go out of their bones, Thelma and Louise decided to break open a special bottle of Port Wine from Alto Vineyards that they’d been savin’ just for this type of weather! 

The gals discovered this great wine while on one of their road trips in the fall of 2013. On the way home from this particular road trip, they saw the sign that said “Alto Vineyards Tasting Room” just outside of Champaign, Illinois. So, of course, Thelma let out a holler and took that detour!  And, boy, were they glad they did!

Alto Vineyard’s motto is “Let our family wines be your family wines”. Those folks there did all they could to make Thelma and Louise feel right at home, sampling the wines they had to share. As usual, the gals didn't go home empty-handed – Porto Di Guido was just one of their prizes from the Alto Vineyard Tasting Room (  

Porto Di Guido is a smooth, rich-bodied port that warms you up from the inside-out. It's made from the ripest and finest Illinois Chambourcin grapes, with hints of dark chocolate and cherries.  Thelma and Louise thought nibblin’ on Ghirardelli dark chocolate while sippin’ that Porto Di Guido was mmm-good! The label says, “Guido’s Port is named after Guy Renzaglia, the father of Alto Vineyards, who is known to share a glass of port wine with special friends on a cold winter night.”

Alto Vineyards is a family-owned vineyard and winery located in the southern region of Illinois in the Carbondale area of the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail. Their vineyard had its first vintage in 1988 and has won many awards. So, if there’s a break in this here winter storm, go get your bottle of Porto Di Guido!  You’ll be mighty glad you did! In fact, we think you’ll be thankin’ us!