Monday, February 3, 2014

WHINE of the Week (February 2, 2014)

Thelma and Louise were fixin’ to take a little road trip down south a-ways. The hotel was ready and waitin’ for their arrival. Yep, our ladies were headin’ to a high-falutin’ shindig with the Illinois Grape Growers and Vitners Association for their Winter Wine Festival! Wahoo, they were ready for a good time with some folks who love wine as much as Thelma and Louise do!

Then Old Man Winter musta had a fight with Mother Nature. That weather fella was saying 6” to 10” of snow was gonna get dumped, not to mention ice to top it all off! Not another weekend snowed in for our gals! Cabin fever was settin’ in, and it weren’t none too pretty. What in tarnation?!

Thelma and Louise wanted
one of these glasses -
filled with wine, of course!
Abe Lincoln says,

Now it seems the folks at IGGVA were just trying to share what was goin’ on at their conference. But, all those pictures on Facebook were enough to make Thelma and Louise weep…and not with tears of joy neither! Louise whined, “In the future, when a woman is crying like that, she isn’t havin’ any fun.” Thelma and Louise could feel the salt bein’ rubbed into their wounds – seein’ all those people that didn’t get the snow and ice, who made the trip without worryin’ about the weather, were enjoyin’ glasses of great Illinois Wine! Those people were listenin’ to some great music by “Brooke Thomas and the Blue Suns” and samplin’ yummy food. It was almost more than the gals could bear!

Brooke Thomas and the Blue Suns
Our friends sure have had it with this goldarn weather and swore they wouldn’t miss out on any more road trips just because of it! They have plans for a road trip next weekend. And come hell or high snow, they are a-goin’! Thelma said to Louise, “You said you ‘n me was gonna get out of town and for once just really let our hair down. Well, darlin’. Look out, cuz my hair is comin’ down!”